About Us

Founded in Brooklyn, Everybody Press publishes books of poetry, fiction, and ephemera, as well as our literary magazine, Everybody Press Review. Our team works closely with emerging authors and artists to amplify new visions, new voices, and new forms of art and literature. We print all of our publications in house, and specialize in the intersection between emerging authors and their works as a tangible handmade artifact.

Everybody Press Staff 

Alexandra Reed: Director and Publisher

Oliver St. John: Editor in Chief and Publisher

Kamelya Omayma Youssef: Poetry Editor

Alex Kallner: Literary Editor

Anthony Tino: Copy Editor

Ryan Cook: Associate Director of Publicity

Madison Murray: Social Media Manager

Craig Tilford: Art Director

Lara Atallah: Art Director

Rhonda Khalifeh: Art Director

Amon Ito: Audio Producer

Caitlin Davis: Assistant Production Manager

Valeria Lachapelle: Production Assistant

Victoria Siharath: Production Assistant

Alison Hallie Napp: Editorial Assistant 

Sophie Bloomfield: Designer

Huey Louie: Interplanetary Liaison