Everybody Press Review, Issue No. 2 (PREORDER)

Everybody Press Review, Issue No. 2 (PREORDER)

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Everybody Press Review is a biannual magazine that exhibits the community of writers and artists we've built together from across the world. Our goal with this review is to weave a quilt of connections from a variety of artists and writers we think deserve love and attention in a larger and more collective fashion than with the books we publish.


This issue combines visual art, photography, nonfiction, short fiction, and poetry—all grappling with the themes of bodily autonomy and healing. Our last issue explored concepts of birth and rebirth, and within any birth comes some form of trauma. “During that course in which ‘I’ become, I give birth to myself amid the violence of sobs, of vomit,” Julia Kristiva writes in Powers of Horror. We found ourselves thinking of Kristiva a lot throughout this issue— how the abject lives within a threshold, and is a gross and sublime way to realize one’s autonomy. With textual themes from sex work to curdling milk and collages blending beach scenes with the vulva, this issue encompasses the abject and uses it as a means to heal/come into one's own. Giving space to heal is displayed in popular culture to be a calming sort of energy, and many times this can be this case, but the types of healing that occurs in this issue are also radical, painstaking, and necessary for the continuation of existence. We will all heal eventually, but it’s the ferocity of our healing that gives us the power to inspire others.


Thank you to everyone who submitted to this issue, and we hope you all enjoy it!